At the Explore Spa by Le Méridien you will also enjoy the gym with the latest Technogym technology. A complete range of equipment for you to be always fit.

  • Power Plate
  • Treadmills
  • Elliptical Trainers
  • Exercise bikes
  • Steps
  • Rowing machines
  • Resistance machines for abs, back, legs, chest etc..
  • Selection of weights
  • Kinect Devices

This is a training method that develops the body in a balanced way, correcting poor posture and restoring physical vitality. Sessions can be individual or in group. (Must be booked in advanced.)

A physical and mental discipline used as a means of contact with the inner self, training the body in order to achieve a balance between body and mind. Sessions can be individual or in group. (Must be booked in advanced.)

Energise your body with these invigorating swimming pool fitness activities that improve blood circulation, flexibility, stress resistance and body muscles.

Whilst away from home, why not book a personal trainer to help you with your current work-out routine or assist you create a new one. Our qualified professionals are experienced and are able to give personalized attention to your body and fitness regime. (Must be booked in advanced.)

To confirm availability, schedules and rates for yoga, pilates, aquagym or personal training, please contact the spa reception or send an e-mail to



Monthly Subscription                                        € 390

Fortnightly Subscription                       
€ 270

Weekly Subscription
€ 190

Daily Membership
€  60

Half Day
€  40

Package 15 entries
€ 465

package 30 entries
€ 890

To reserve a subscription please contact